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Caving Resources

Topic Resource Type
Caves and Karst Features in Maryland Crystal Grottoes -- Maryland's only cave open to the public HTML & show cave
A gallery of Maryland caves HTML
Educational series 3: Caves of Maryland PDF & Book
FactSheet 11: Foundation Engineering Problems and Hazards in Karst Terranes HTML & Pamphlet
List of Virginia Area Region Limited Access Caves HTML
Maryland Cave Law and Acts HTML
Geology of Caves (USGS summary) HTML
Caving Organizations National Speleological Society (NSS) HTML
NSS: Baltimore Grotto HTML
NSS: District of Columbia Grotto HTML
Potomac Speleological Club HTML
Sligo Grotto HTML
Western Maryland Grotto of the NSS
Debbie Meyer
932 Pine Swamp Road
Barton, MD 21521,
(301) 463-5881,
Tite Times (newsletter)
Eastern Region of the National Cave Rescue Commission HTML
Cave Safety NSS Cave Safety page HTML
PSC's Caving Safety page HTML
Caves on the Web The Virtual Cave: an online tour of several types of caves. Don't miss this link HTML
National Speleological Society HTML
USGS's Exploring Caves (Grades K—3) HTML
National Park Service's Junior Cave Scientist Activity Book (Ages 5—12+) HTML
Cavernet HTML
Find Nearby Caves and Beyond Pennsylvania Caves HTML
Virginia Caves HTML
West Virginia Caves HTML
US Show Caves HTML