References and Acknowledgments - Geologic Walking Tour of Building Stones of Downtown Baltimore



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     It was a great experience working on this project, and with the wonderful people involved. I gratefully acknowledge the geologists with the Maryland Geological Survey: Mr. Kenneth Schwarz, Dr. James Reger, Dr. Jonathan Edwards, Dr. David Brezinski, and Dr. John Glaser. Thank you, Ms. Claire Richardson, for your many hours of conversation and guidance. Thanks, Dale Shelton and Dean Freeman for the many rides downtown; it would have been a long walk without you! Peggy McCabe, thank you for all the moral support. I owe a special thank you to Mr. Thomas Doyle, president of Hilgartner Natural Stone Company in Baltimore, for your many hours spent with me looking through books and walking downtown. Also, thank you Dr. Robert Ridky of the University of Maryland for your inspiration and sharing your knowledge of the downtown area.

     Subsequent to Ms. McCann-Murray’s involvement, geologists of the Maryland Geological Survey prepared and produced most of the imagery and completed final editing and layout of the document. The geologists involved in this phase included James Reger, Heather Quinn, John M. Wilson, and Robert D. Conkwright. The Maryland Geological Survey wishes to thank Mr. James M. Strickland of Maryland Stone Service, Inc. of Baltimore for his contributions to this Walking Tour. The Maryland Geological Survey would also like to thank Mr. Thomas Doyle, president of Hilgartner Natural Stone Company, for his contributions during the final preparations of this document.

Heather Quinn
, Editor

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This pamphlet was prepared by Sherry McCann-Murray, with contributions and photography by the Environmental Geology and Mineral Resources Program of the Maryland Geological Survey.
Adapted for the Internet from Educational Series No. 10.  For more information see Building Stones of Maryland .
Compiled by the Maryland Geological Survey, 2300 St. Paul Street, Baltimore, MD 21218
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