Stop 7: CITY HALL AND VICINITY - 100 North Holliday Street

Return to Fayette Street, turn left and head east. After crossing Guilford Avenue on the approach to City Hall, notice that the sidewalk contains slabs of a dark sandstone, probably the Catskill Sandstone from the Susquehanna River Valley of Pennsylvania or New York. This rock can easily be mistaken for slate because of its characteristic breaking along flat parallel surfaces.

Stop 7
Figure 7

City Hall (Figure 7) is faced with Cockeysville Marble from the Beaver Dam Quarry in Baltimore County. The facing covers brick walls that are 5½ feet thick. This is the same type of building stone seen at the Battle Monument (Stop 6).

Walk east towards the tree-lined War Memorial Plaza. As you walk down the steps, it’s worth stopping at the large stone to observe the Indiana Limestone. This is the same stone that was seen at the Bank of America building (Stop 3).