Maryland Department of Natural Resources

MGS provides training on geology and groundwater to the Maryland Master Naturalist program

February 18, 2015

The Maryland Department of Natural Resources (DNR) is a partner in providing training and support for the Maryland Master Naturalist program. This program is designed to engage citizens as stewards of Maryland’s natural resources and ecosystems through science-based education and volunteer service in their communities. Volunteer training programs are organized on a regional basis for the Coastal Plain, Piedmont and Mountain regions.

The current Master Naturalist training session (February to mid-May 2015) focuses on Maryland’s Coastal Plain. As part of this session, Heather Quinn, a geologist with MGS, will be presenting a 1.5 hour introduction to the geology and groundwater of Maryland with a focus on the Coastal Plain. Topics included the geology, physiography, hydrologic cycle, watersheds, groundwater, aquifers, wells, and water quantity and quality issues in Maryland. This training session, hosted at Maryland Department of Natural Resources (DNR) in Annapolis, is being conducted by DNR in partnership with Anne Arundel County Department of Recreation.

State-wide, the Maryland Naturalist program is a science-based natural resource training program jointly sponsored by University of Maryland Extension (UME), DNR, and other state and local agencies and organizations.

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