List of Rock Types - Geologic Walking Tour of Building Stones of Downtown Baltimore

Stop 1: The Gallery
  East Pratt Street Lobby (interior)               
    Sedimentary rock — tan and black limestones
Building Exterior
  Igneous rock — pink to red granite
Calvert Street Lobby (interior)
  Igneous rock — pink to red granite
Metamorphic rock — gneiss
Stop 2 Legg Mason Tower
    Igneous rock — pink granite
Sedimentary rock — travertine
Stop 3 Bank of America Building
    Sedimentary rock — Indiana Limestone (Salem Limestone)  
Stop 4 120 East Redwood Street Building

Igneous rock — fine-grained gray granite

Stop 5 Mercantile Trust & Deposit Company Building
    Sedimentary rock — “Seneca Red” sandstone  
Stop 6 Calvert Street Monuments
  Battle of North Point Monument  
  Metamorphic rock — Cockeysville Marble
Monument Park
  Metamorphic rock — Georgia gneiss
Monument to Negro Heroes of the United States
  Igneous rock — dark gray granite
Stop 7 City Hall and Vicinity
  Fayette Street Sidewalk (on the route to City Hall)  
  Sedimentary rock — sandstone
City Hall
  Metamorphic rock — Cockeysville Marble
War Memorial Plaza
  Sedimentary rock — Indiana Limestone (Salem Limestone)
Stop 8 War Memorial Building Sculptures
    Sedimentary rock — Indiana Limestone (Salem Limestone)  
Stop 9

District Court Building

    Igneous Rock — anorthosite  
Stop 10 City Police Headquarters
    Metamorphic Rock — Rainbow Gneiss  
Stop 11 Parking Garage
    Artificial aggregate  
Stop 12 Lombard Street Sculptures
    Sedimentary Rock — interlayered limestone and dolomite  
  Sedimentary Rock — gray and pink limestone with stylolites

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This pamphlet was prepared by Sherry McCann-Murray, with contributions and photography by the Environmental Geology and Mineral Resources Program of the Maryland Geological Survey.
Adapted for the Internet from Educational Series No. 10.  For more information see Building Stones of Maryland .
Compiled by the Maryland Geological Survey, 2300 St. Paul Street, Baltimore, MD 21218
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