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Information About Your Well

Dug well

Dug Wells

In the Coastal Plain, early wells were typically constructed by digging a hole just below the water table and lining it with bricks or pre-formed concrete rings. Water would be withdrawn either by bucket or by suction or jet pump. Dug wells typically had adequate supply for domestic or farm use, but were susceptible to droughts and to surface contamination (such as septic tank effluent and pesticides).

Modern Wells

Modern well

Modern wells are constructed by drilling a hole to the desired aquifer and installing steel or plastic casing and screen. Water is withdrawn from the well by means of a jet, suction, or submersible pump.

Coastal Plain Well Schematic
Coastal Plain Well
Fractured Rock Well Schematic
Fractured Rock Well

Well Completion Reports

Well tag

All wells constructed in Maryland must be installed by a licensed well driller. Once the well is constructed the well driller must submit a well-completion report to the County health department. This report gives details of the well construction (depth drilled, length of casing and screen installed, etc.) as well as a description of the sediment drilled through and well yield information. A copy of the well completion report can be obtained through the County health department by referencing the well tag number attached to the well casing.

Well Completion Report

Obtaining Your Well Records

Well completion reports can be obtained by contacting your local County Health Department (Environmental Health).

Contact County Health Departments

Drilling a New Well

To ensure a clean and adequate supply of underground drinking water, the State carries out programs to prevent contamination of aquifers from improper well construction and well abandonment. A well construction permit is required before installing any well that will explore for water, obtain or monitor groundwater, or inject water into any underground formation from which groundwater may be produced. The well construction permit is obtained by the well driller from the local health department.