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Fact Sheets

Title Author Year
Highest and lowest elevations in Maryland's counties [Fact Sheet 1] Maryland Geological Survey 2005
Land areas, inland-water areas, and length of shorelines of Maryland's counties [Fact Sheet 2] Maryland Geological Survey 2007
Rivers in Maryland [Fact Sheet 3] Maryland Geological Survey 2007
Topographic maps [Fact Sheet 4] Maryland Geological Survey 2007
Index map of 7.5-minute quadrangles covering Maryland [Fact Sheet 5] Maryland Geological Survey 2007
Maryland's official state fossil shell [Fact Sheet 6] Maryland Geological Survey 2009
Fossils in counties of Maryland [Fact Sheet 7] Maryland Geological Survey 2007
User's guide to the Maryland Coordinate System [Fact Sheet 8] Reger, J.P. 2004
Maryland's five highest waterfalls and mountains [Fact Sheet 9] Maryland Geological Survey 2008
Fossil collecting sites at Calvert Cliffs [Fact Sheet 10] Maryland Geological Survey 2008
Foundation engineering problems and hazards in karst terranes [Fact Sheet 11] Reger, J.P. 2010
Astrodon johnstoni, the Maryland state dinosaur [Fact Sheet 12] Maryland Geological Survey 2007
Summary of Maryland earthquakes, 1758-2000 [Fact Sheet 13] Maryland Geological Survey 2010
Fossil, rock, gem, and mineral clubs and societies in the Greater Baltimore-Washington Metropolitan Area [Fact Sheet 14] Reger, J.P. 2008
Maryland's lakes and reservoirs [Fact Sheet 15] Reger, J.P. 2004
Proposing a new name or name change for a geographic feature in the U.S. [Fact Sheet 16] Maryland Geological Survey 2004
Construction information about the Sideling Hill road cut & Exhibit Center [Fact Sheet 17] Maryland Geological Survey 2005
Calvert aquifer system test wells located at Cordova, Talbot County, Maryland [Fact Sheet 18a] Andreasen, D.C. 2011
Calvert aquifer system test wells located at the Warner Tract, Dorchester County, Maryland [Fact Sheet 18b] Staley, A.W. 2011
Calvert aquifer system test wells located at Greensboro, Caroline County, Maryland [Fact Sheet 18c] Staley, A.W. 2011
Calvert aquifer system test wells located at Idylwild Wildlife Management Area, near Federalsburg, Caroline County, Maryland [Fact Sheet 18d] Drummond, D.D. 2011
Calvert aquifer system test wells located at Martinak State Park, Caroline County, Maryland [Fact Sheet 18e] Drummond, D.D. 2011
Aquia aquifer test wells located near Church Hill, Queen Anne's County, Maryland [Fact Sheet 18f] Drummond, D.D. 2011
Manokin observation well located in west-central Wicomico County, Maryland [Fact Sheet 18g] Andreasen, D.C. 2011
Monmouth aquifer observation well located in northern Kent County, Maryland [Fact Sheet 18h] Andreasen, D.C. 2011
Ground water and wells in the Maryland Piedmont [Fact Sheet 19] Maryland Geological Survey 2013
Ground water and wells in the Maryland Coastal Plain [Fact Sheet 20] Maryland Geological Survey 2014


Title Author Year
Miocene sharks teeth of Calvert County McLennan, J.D. 1971
A brief description of the geology of Maryland Edwards, J. 1981
Building stones of Maryland Kuff, K.R. and Brooks, J.R. 1985
Gold in Maryland Kuff, K.R. 1987
Radon and your home Brooks, J.R. 1988
A short history of the Maryland Geological Survey Reger, J.P. 1991
Geology of the Sideling Hill Road Cut Brezinski, D.K. 1994
Calvert Cliffs, Maryland McLennan, J.D. 1994
Future of water supply from the Aquia and Magothy aquifers in southern Anne Arundel County, Maryland Andreasen, D.C. 2002
Earthquakes and Maryland Reger, J.P. 2003
Characteristic fossils of Maryland formations Maryland Geological Survey 2004
Miocene tooth fossils Maryland Geological Survey 2005
Aurora Borealis Maryland Geological Survey 2007
National Cooperative Geologic Mapping Program: STATEMAP component Maryland Geological Survey 2008
Panning for gold on the internet: resources for gold prospecting and panning in Maryland Reger, J.P. 2010
Meteor Showers! Maryland Geological Survey 2010
Geology of Gambrill State Park [Pamphlet_2012-01]
Map of geological features, Gambrill State Park [Trail Guide]
Maryland Geological Survey 2012

Educational Series

Title Author Year
Proposed shore erosion program [Educational Series 1] Slaughter, T.H. 1964
Water in Maryland: A review of the free state's liquid assets [Educational Series 2] Walker, P.N. 1970
Caves of Maryland [Educational Series 3] Franz, R. and Slifer, D. 1971
Collecting fossils in Maryland [Educational Series 4] Glaser, J.D. 1995
Minerals of the Washington, D.C. area [Educational Series 5] Bernstein, P.M. 1980
Dinosaurs in Maryland [Educational Series 6] Kranz, P.M. 1989
A collection of rocks and minerals of Maryland [Educational Series 7] Maryland Geological Survey ----
Maryland's ancient sea creatures; Coloring and Activities Book [Educational Series 8] Brezinski, D.K. 1999
Earthquakes in Maryland [Educational Series 9] Reger, J.P. 1999
A geologic walking tour of building stones of downtown Baltimore, Maryland [Educational Series 10] McCann-Murray, S. 2001